Meet Joshua Frank Froschauer, White Nationalist And Member of Violent neo-Fascist Proud Boys

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Meet Joshua Frank Froschauer, born October 28, 1980, a white nationalist and member of the violent neo-fascist Proud Boys living in Reno, NV. We feel that Joshua’s choice to uphold the tenets of white supremacy and engage in political violence is a threat to our community. You, the residents of Truckee Meadows and the quad-county region, should know more about Joshua in order to unite against the growing threat of neo-nazism, white nationalism, and white supremacy.

As of this writing, we can confirm Joshua is a third degree Proud Boy. His first degree can be verified on this archive of his Twitter page dated June 14, 2019.

Declaring he is “a proud western chauvinist and refuses to apologize for creating the modern world” (first degree).

His second degree can be verified by this video he posted on his YouTube page dated December 8, 2019.

Screen grab of video where Joshua is being “jumped in” by the Reno Proud Boys, receiving punches by other members until he named 5 cereal brands (second degree).

His third degree can be verified from this screenshot of him getting “Proud Boy” tattooed on his neck that he posted to his, now deleted, Facebook page. However, there are other photos showing the words “Proud Boy” tattooed over his throat.

Getting a “Proud Boy” tattoo on his throat (third degree).

We have not confirmed that Joshua has engaged in political violence but, as dictated by the fourth degree of Proud Boys initiation, all members must engage in political violence to obtain their fourth, and final, degree for full membership.

Reno Elections Candidate Event, Reno, NV, October, 20, 2018

Photos show Joshua attended the October 20, 2018, mayoral debate with fellow Reno Proud Boys. At this event, sources claim that 2020 Reno City Council candidate Eddie Lorton chummed up with the Reno Proud Boys after he spoke. Considering Eddie Lorton’s current “Citizens First” campaign slogan is similar to the so-called U.S. President’s “America First” promise, this seems likely. We feel that these claims are credible and in the public interest and we find it difficult to dismiss these claims.

Joshua attending Reno Elections Mayoral Candidate Debate Event on October 20, 2018. Fair use: Photo copyright This Is Reno.

Eddie Lorton’s campaign sign with his #CITIZENSFIRST slogan.

UPDATE 05/21/2020

An anonymous source has provided us with an image of Eddie Lorton, 2020 Reno City Council Candidate At Large, having a nice chat with the white nationalist Reno Proud Boys at the mayoral debate on October 20, 2018.

Eddie Lorton mingling with white nationalist group Reno Proud Boys.

Is Eddie Lorton a racist? We can’t say. At minimum, he has demonstrated civility and support for white nationalist and fascist groups, such as Reno Proud Boys.

We urge Reno voters to not vote for him in the upcoming primary election.

Anti-Lockdown Protest, Carson City, NV, May 2, 2020

Photos show Joshua attended the Reopen Nevada protest in Carson City on May 2, 2020. The event was sponsored by Fight For Nevada and far-right activists protested the governor’s lockdown orders. The purpose of this rally, under an “anti-lockdown” guise, was to campaign for the so-called U.S. President and to intimidate state officials and the local community. Many rallying participants were armed, including Joshua’s fellow Proud Boys, who traveled from Las Vegas to participate.

Please note: We fully support the right to keep and bear arms but we do not condone using arms for intimidation, only self-defense.

A Las Vegas Proud Boy open carrying a firearm. Fair use: Photo copyright This Is Reno.

Joshua is a white nationalist, as can be confirmed in the following photo where he is posing with other members of the neo-fascist organization, from Las Vegas and Reno, while displaying the well-known white power hand sign.

Proud Boys posing in front of Governor’s Mansion at the Reopen Nevada rally on , May 2, 2020.

The man in the Hawaiian shirt is a far-right extremist. Hawaiian shirts have been appropriated by the far-right to signify their eagerness for a second civil war. The Boogaloo is a far-right extremist slang term, as in “Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo,” a take from the 1984 film, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. The term has since been re-branded as “Big Luau” and “Big Igloo” since popular social media platforms have been censoring the term Boogaloo.

Criminal History

Joshua appears to have criminal history having been charged with battery and felony burglary and theft.

Assault charge

Burglary charge


As of January 23, 2020, Joshua is employed by Panasonic Energy of North America out at the Tesla Gigafactory. You can reach out to Panasonic Energy to voice your concerns by calling their Reno Recruitment Office at (775) 223-9937 or by reaching out to their Facebook page, LinkedIn page, or Twitter page. Considering Panasonic Energy’s belief in inclusion and diversity, we wonder how they would feel if they knew they employed a white nationalist and member of a violent political hate group.

Joshua’s Facebook overview listing his employment with Panasonic Energy.

Joshua, posing in his Proud Boys baseball cap, captures a selfie while wearing his Panasonic work badge.

Employment Update, 05/14/2020

It has been brought to our attention that Proud Boy Joshua Frank Froschauer is no longer employed by Panasonic Energy of North America.

Thank you to everyone who did their due diligence in contacting Panasonic to bring Joshua’s membership in a neo-fascist and violent hate group to their attention. Direct action gets the goods. Thank you Panasonic.


We post documentation like this to keep our communities safe and aware of potential threats. The police won’t do anything to protect us from fascists and white supremacists so it is on us to help defend our communities from the growing threats of fascism and white supremacy.


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